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A6 Custom Cash Envelope for Budget Binders in MOCHA DIVAS: Set of 10

A6 Custom Cash Envelope for Budget Binders in MOCHA DIVAS: Set of 10

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Set of 10 Custom MOCHA DIVAS Cash Envelopes

You can customized each envelope to fit your budgeting needs by selecting your own budget categories.

Using the Cash Envelope System will help hold you accountable for your budgeting and financial goals.
These simple yet beautiful cash envelopes were designed to help you spend less money!
Cash Budget System Envelopes or Cash Envelopes are a great way to keep track of your spending.
Use these envelopes by Wander Print Creations to organize your cash budget and sinking funds and stay on budget!
Cash envelopes are great for budgeting for everyday things, such as food, gas, and clothing. Or long term items, such as Christmas, Vacation, or Birthdays.
When you use the cash envelope system, you will be amazed at how much money you have left over every month!

You can choose to have an expanded edge of lamination so you can punch a hole in them to use with an A6 Binder.

You can also choose to have an regular edge envelope where you will be punching holes into the design of the envelope.

If you would like to have space to punch holes in the envelope without punching into the design and place them in a binder then please choose the expanded edge set.

We do not provide hole punching.

10 Envelope Set
Choose Your Own Budget Categories
5 Mil Lamination w/ Side Opening
Register on back of each envelope
Approx. envelope measurements: 3.6" x 6.8" 
These cash envelopes will fit in an A6 binder.
14 Letter / Character Limit

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